Free Google Home Mini w/ $150 Purchase on eBay

eBay is offerring free Google Home Minis to buyers who spend $150 on the site.  Click here for details.  But hurry:  The offer ends soon.


10% Off Coupon Code at eBay

eBay is offerring customers 10 percent off on select purchases of Home + Garden, Tech, Fashion, and other products until May 12.  Just click here and enter code:  P10PERCENT  

Rest in Peace, Barbara Bush

In 1989, I went to the Inaugural Ball at Union Station. I was allowed to stand alongside the pathway that the new President and First Lady would stroll on the way to their ceremonial dance. They walked in together, with Mrs. Bush on the side where I was standing. I stood quietly with my hand poised for her to shake, but there were a lot of people vying for attention, and her view of me may have been blocked unintentionally by one of the Secret Service. She didn’t notice me and walked on by. But then for some reason, she glanced backward and glimpsed me standing there. On one of the biggest and busiest nights of her life, she turned and took a step backward, and smiled at me and reached out and shook my hand.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Bush.

Amazon Launches Prime Wardrobe

Amazon is getting in to the fashion-box business.  With Prime Wardrobe, you can order three or more clothing items, including shoes and accessories, to fill a shipping box.  Once you receive them, you’ll have seven days to try them on at home and select the ones you want to keep (and pay for), and then use the pre-printed label and the same shipping box to return the rest.  And for a limited time, you will receive $20 off when you spend $200 or more on purchases from your Prime Wardrobe box.  The service is another exclusive perk with Amazon Prime.

TSA Searching Snacks–Sometimes

Next time you travel, the TSA might request that you remove your snacks from your carry-on, while you’re stripping off your shoes and outer garments, before stepping into the naked scanner or spreading your limbs for a random groping.

Or it might not.  As the Washington Post reports, agents at some airports have added the request; others have not.  There’s no official policy, and “we’re left with an inconsistent, perhaps merely localized approach to checkpoint etiquette on snacks“.

Because air travel isn’t Kafka-esque enough already.